Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Quotes from great teachers

I don't understand why they teach children to line up.

Why not teach them something more interesting?

You know you could teach them all to say baa baa baa......

Chip Barker

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Strong's Inventory

I finally did the Strong's Inventory.

My dh was right.....

I should be a librarian.

So, add that to my list of educational plans. I'm still majoring in English, but when I get to my Master's I think I will apply to both the English department and the iSchool. The career counselor is great. The first thing she asked was if I like research. Ha Ha Ha! I don't do anything without reading a stack of books first. She had already gone over Evan's stuff with him before, so we went in together, so that she could check out his schedule. She had to make sure we wanted to go in together. Ugh..we are best friends. I can't believe a married couple wouldn't want to share their educational plans.

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Middle Ages

Yes, we are still homeschooling. I know we are suppose to go all through History in order. But, Gibran just can't take it anymore. He is done with it! He has to go on to the Middle Ages.

Of course, we are using this: Image hosting by Photobucket

Peace Hill Press has a complete pack that you can order. You can even get a complete copy of test and student worksheets. Gibran loves having everything all neat and tidy, so I'm thinking about setting him up a notebook with everything all in it. That way he can just plow through it when he wants, too. It will make things easier for me because I just don't have the time for all the running around I used to do. I feel like we should start keeping track of some of his stuff, too. His pediatrician isn't too keen on him homeschooling. I don't think she is upset about it, I just think she is concerned that if he is Aspergers that he isn't getting the socialization he needs.

I'm just updating because Gibran has decided that he wants to use KONOS instead. I have to admit that I'm happy about that. We get so much more done and he learns so much more that way. I love that darn timeline =)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Personality Types

Mom has been studying personalities this week in Psychology class.

I'm really enjoying these studies. It's nice to find out who we are in our family.
Take the Free Rheti Sampler here. There is an audio on your results, as well.
And learn more about yourself here, just click on the link under descriptions.

Here is our 9yo and mom
Here is a better explanation

Here is another one. I just had not found a good link yet! Mom is an INFJ and Dad is an ENFP. It's a crazy mix, but it seems to be working out.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

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