Saturday, March 31, 2007

The computer update...

I've been doing very well with my computer time. I've been on a bit here and there. I've been doing so well. It's amazing what I've gotten done this week by just getting up early and staying away from computers.

Friday, March 23, 2007

She is coming tonight

The realtor is coming with papers to sign.
Last night my dh started to grieve.

The loss of his own personal
hot tub

But, then he started to talk to the boys.

We have things we need to give up.
But, in exchange we gain opportunities
that far outweigh the life we have here.

We aren't happy here at all.
We have been trying to fix it.

All those fixes have failed and they are eating away
at our foundations.

So, tonight we move on. We start this journey.
We will sell our home.
We will sell our couches,
the kitchen table,
the big roll top desk,
the beds,
the bookshelves,
the pantry storage...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I've got classes

Yesterday I took my first public bus.
I got a little lost.
But, I did it.

I got my classes.
I start on Monday.

Things we have to do.

1. Sell our house for more money than we bought it for. We have a realtor already.
2. Sell our furniture and all big stuff and the Mommy Van.
3. Donate what we can't sell.

We are only going to move easy stuff. The biggest things will probably be mattresses, bikes (we actually get to use them!!!!!) and the iguana cage.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thought of the day

I was checking some information out on the UW website. They have these little tidbits all over the website and many of them reference those oh so famous people who have graduated from the UW. I found this one endearing.

Beverly Cleary, author of children’s books including the popular “Ramona” book series, graduated from the UW in 1939.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Yesterday I realized I had not check the mail in awhile. Oh, maybe a week. So, I purged the mailbox of late bills and credit card offers.

The purple and yellow envelope says, "Your a Husky."

But, I thought God closed that door.
I thought I was taking a break.

Is this what God was preparing me for?

I sobbed...I don't know for an hour, maybe two.
I called my husband.

He came home and loved me.
He scooped me up
and held me.

He congratulated me
and then he called my mom.

And, when I came home from Shakespeare class at night,
he encouraged me
he congratulated me again
he told me he was proud of me.

I don't handle that well.

I cannot line up with my vision of the perfect, good mother.
I just cannot do it.

I must let it go.
I must embrace my challenges,
my changes.

(A bit of back story. I was informed some of my transcript information had not been received a few weeks ago. And, a few weeks ago is well after the deadline date. When I got that email, I grieved and let go. I had applied on a whim really. I'm not finished with my AA yet. I need more foreign language and a science. I thought my boys would be in public school.)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The computer drains me of time

I tend to leave it on all the time and the excuse is because when I get a moment
I work on homework.

Well the 14th is my last day of school.
It is, also, the last day I leave my computer on all day.

I'm forcing myself to get up earlier in the morning.
If I want computer time I will do it then.

I have relationships to build.
Children to raise.
Food to make.
Walks to take.

I love research.
This computer sucks me in.
I don't need to know everything.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

How to buy Green Groceries, Improve your shopping trip, and get a smaller, trimmer you....

So, I cannot promise you will loose weight.

A discussion prompted some thinking about how and why we shop. Here are a few suggestions I came up with. Do you have any suggestions for making a "green" grocery trip.

These are the tips that have allowed me to do the things like buy more organic or a new cloth bag. I have revamped my relationship with food and my shopping cart.

Give yourself a wholesome and good connection to your food so you can make good choices when you eat and shop.

1. Actually eating what we make. If I make soup then we eat it all. Sometimes I even freeze a portion or two before I serve it. I like mason jars for that.

2. Have a leftover day to do the above. Do this the day before you plan to shop if you shop once a week. Clean out the whole fridge, too. Take everything out and scrub it up a bit. Reshelf all your goodies. Freeze anything you don't think you will eat. Chop up that half of onion in the bottom bin and freeze it. You will feel better about what you have and you might get inspired, so you don't get wasteful at the store.

3. If you can buy from bulk bins than only buy what you need. If you need 1 cup of flour or only one meals worth of falafel than buy just that.

4. Make a menu or a list of meals and snacks family members want this week. If I'm craving something I will often stick it on the grocery list. If I want homemade pizza I'll put it on the list. When I get ready to go to the store I can just write down the ingredients we need.

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