Saturday, December 20, 2008

Feeling a bit better & Christmas Break

Well, I'm feeling a bit better during the day. Nights are still just awful.

We have snow and it doesn't feel like Washington State, not one bit. So, very odd. But, the boys have had so much fun sledding down the big hill here.

I have a bit of due date change on my ticker. And, there is nothing better than knocking a month off!

I told my oldest he is on official Christmas Break till Dad goes back to school Jan. 5. Even then I honestly know things are going to be a bit lax around here for awhile. I don't see me getting a great big amount of energy anytime soon.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And where have you been..

I've been vomiting.

See ticker in right hand corner.

We are all very excited. My wonderful husband is in charge of everything. I'm in charge of sleeping and vomiting and the occasional bath. If my laptop hadn't died I would probably be on here quite a bit. But, alas a computer by the kitchen isn't cutting it for my body right now.

I did get sea bands and that's helping. But, I'm hoping my midwife will give me some medication. I've never been so sick before.

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