Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm trying out Wordpress as well...

So, I guess take your pick. I'm not sure what I'll stay with.

The Land of All Things Lewis

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A story about "The Story of the World: Activity Book 1: Ancient Times: From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor, Third Edition"

by Susan Wise Bauer

I actually ordered a set of student pages straight from Peace Hill Press for each child this year. They come wrapped up in plastic and they are three whole punched. I put them in a notebook right when they got here. It was totally worth it to not have to remember to copy things from the book or to do a messed up job of copying something.

Both of my older children are working on this book. My 10 year old reads the book and does the pages himself. My 7 year old listens to the CD’s and works on the pages while listening. We discuss it at a later time.

Women in Love

Allright, here is the secret book from which that largish word comes from...ugh that is how I feel when I read this book. But, luckily I did a bit of research to answer a question and I found out someone will die before the end. I'm so excited..I can now go back to reading.

Really so far it seems there is enough sexual connotations to get you to the next string of rather lengthy words OR to the mention of something that would seem to make the characters or perhaps the author appear to be rather learned. Perhaps I will feel differently after reading it with a group of people.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Todays word is megalomania, n.

If you see a word you do not know then you look in the Oxford English Dictionary. Here you go!!

In Psychol.: delusions of power or self-importance, esp. resulting from mental illness; a passion for grandiose schemes. More generally: lust for power, a desire to control.

1887 Polit. Sci. Q. 2 157 Dr. François Roy of Quebec testified..that [Louis] Riel was..afflicted with a form of insanity known as megalomania, by which he labored under a delusion that he had a mission to perform for the Métis. 1890 J. S. BILLINGS National Med. Dict. II. 723 Monomania involving the idea of a divine or celestial origin or connection..[is] a species of megalomania. 1892 Contemp. Rev. Feb. 166 Here again megalomaniathe desire to ‘do the great’had the upper hand. 1897 LD. SALISBURY in Daily Chron. 17 Nov. 8/2 A common intellectual complaint..which I may name (as I see Mr. Gladstone has consecrated the word) megalomaniathe passion for big things simply because they are big. 1904 A. GRIFFITHS Fifty Years Public Service xiv. 222 Megalomania was strangely prevalent among these criminal lunatics. 1914 W. J. LOCKE Jaffery viii, This is absurd. It's megalomaniala folie des grandeurs. 1959 Listener 17 Sept. 451/3 The later rake's progress toward corruption, aggression, humiliating subjection to Hitler, pathological megalomania and final catastrophe. 1974 F. FORSYTH Dogs of War II. ix. 169 present in many people outside lunatic asylums and is usually..interpreted, at least when present in the rich and famous, as merely exaggerated egocentricity. 1993 Toronto Sun 17 June 12/1 The Tories reveal their megalomania, insecurity and arrogant intolerance for dissent.

Now I want to see if you are paying attention to everything I write...pardon my grammar. What am I reading?

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