Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time to Travel

Are you planning any cultural studies or perhaps just touching on different countries? Here is a passport to print up & it includes "stamps" to modify for each destination.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Learning Logs

I'm inspired by this article about Learning Logs from Home Ed Magazine.

This year I had to keep track of what we learn. I had to submit a plan to our "teacher" and then keep track of what we learned. Somehow I had to do all this. I wasn't really give any guidance. I think they want the homeschoolers to have freedom or not overstep our boundaries. I think I am just not that likely to share. The program, nor I am really at fault. Just a bad mesh somewhere.

I used a small notebook for this purpose that has a space for the date at the top. Plus, a separate notebook to keep track of the other stuff we did like workbook pages and reading logs that never, ever got filled in. I felt like a disaster at every meeting. I couldn't "prove" all this stuff we had been doing. If we are still here this upcoming school year (yes...we are pondering another move) then or than (I'm having a hard time with that) we are going to have to come up with something for at least the two youngest who want to be their "full-time". Full-time does not mean all day long...it just means more than 3 classes a week...or maybe it's two I can't remember.

This year I think I would like to have them do more of the work. Not totally sure though. More of a scrapbook of sorts. I just don't want all that girlie crap (I'm a tomboy surrounded by testosterone).

Perhaps blank artist journals? But, does that mean they each need one? That is overwhelming. This past year I used a very small lined notebook and I liked how portable it was. Sometimes I typed in a journal which is lost on my dead iBook (boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo). Could I type things out and cut & paste those? Would my children type things out & I end up cutting & pasting those?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Giant Map Fun!

Here is a great site that has for FREE giant map printables. I think I might have to find a good use for these this next year.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Joy Sucking (A post from my wordpress bog) a reason to homeschool

If you have read my wordpress blog this might not be new to you.


Joy sucking is probably the number one reason our boys are not in school. And, it’s something we fight about. Perhaps we are spoiled little brats, the whole lot of us. But, my husband and I usually work pretty darn hard to rearrange our life, put off dreams and desires and then reroute and find all new dreams which include little adults. My two oldest both attended public Kindergarten and half of first grade. By the middle of first grade they were sucked dry.

My first went to Kindergarten even though I thought we would homeschool. It was close, seemed safe and it turned out he enjoyed it and I enjoyed the break. My second wanted to go to school and bless his heart the lucky little soul he got the one Queen of Kindergarten teachers. She who lives in a tiny little speck of a town. She was a gem. She actually hugged children and got down on her knee to insure they knew they were cared for. That is a teacher.

Beautiful Map of Ancient Greece & The Story of the Greeks

We found this beautiful map of Ancient Greece for our Notebooks & I came to the realization that I my children don't have to draw on every notebook page. They can just enjoy them and file away. They are excellent proof. In fact, they are enjoyable just to look at.

We are reading aloud The Story of the Greeks by Guerber. It's suppose to be for Ambleside Year 6. But, since we are studying Ancient Greece and Rome this summer I think it should fit in just fine here. The readings captivate the children.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Long Division online tool

This very cool tool allows you to work on long division on the computer. It then self corrects the problem. How very cool is this? Division is our next stop with our oldest. We have been using MUS up through this year. It's the only program he likes. But, I'm not sure if we can afford it this next year. So, I've been looking to see what we can come up with. The only thing I want to buy for this year is paper, ink, and a Math Curriculum. I went a little wild last year and I don't feel like we learned anything enjoyable. Nothing much stuck at the very least.

Our oldest has Aspergers and a lot of workbook stuff just really bothers him. So, I'm thinking I might try Math Mammoth since the books are inexpensive along with some fun online games/tools. I think it might fit who is a lot better. He is actually quite intelligent. He understands things the first time you give it to him. So, having to repeat constantly seem beneath him (or at least he feels that way).

But, I'm not good at Math. I'm sure I could be, but I think I need to start over again from the beginning (and thanks to homeschooling my children I get to do just that!)

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