Friday, March 03, 2006

King David

Our first timeline character is King David. We read a chapter from this book and then put the timeline figure on our timeline.

Ten Kings: And the Worlds They Rule
Ten Kings: And the Worlds They Rule

If you use KONOS, there is a chapter for Charlemagne as well. I really love the illustrations in this book. You might want to pre-read the chapters. I did have to stop and reword a section for my 9yos. I didn't really feel like he was ready to talk about David and Bathsheba's relationship in detail. Then again, maybe I wasn't ready to talk about that with him.

Music, History, and Art: We came upon the word lyre and Gibran didn't know what that was. So, we decided to google and see what we came up with.

I've gone back to journaling our school days. It seems a lot less stressful for Gibran. I think it's a lot easier for him to feel accomplished for what he has done instead of feeling like he is running out of time to finish all his assignments. I just keep a 70 page notebook. I write the day at the top of the page. Then one of us writes down the subject and underlines it and whatever we did for that subject. If he reads a book on frogs then he can put Science on the left hand side of the page and the title of the book and what he read to the right.

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