Friday, May 26, 2006

The American West

I hope we can keep up with our love of reading around here. My second son's teacher told me yesterday to not worry about the boys. She thinks we are wonderful role models and that when students have parents who love to learn that it's catchy. She's really sweet and I just love her to bits. I hope we get to stay here so my youngest can have her for Kindergarten, too.

We have been watching a series of DVD's on the west from PBS.

The West from PBS. There are lesson plans on the website, as well.

Cartoon History of the United States
Cartoon History of the United States

This is a very funny book. My oldest is really enjoying it. I'll try to get around posting some of his other books because they are just amazing! They are in comic book format. I know this aren't high enough literature for some, but I love books like this because they spark the interest in people and events. G will just be reading along..."Hey can we google this guy?"

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