Friday, July 28, 2006

Gluten-Free Diet Change

I just could not take anymore with my youngest. He is three years old. The past year he has been in speech therapy. Last year at this time he wasn't talking at all. AT ALL! My oldest has Aspergers, My Grandfather has Aspergers...Does my youngest have something, too?

I get yelled at all day long. He seemed to be doing better since having Therapy. But, still things just weren't right.

I had previously looked into a GF/CF diet for our oldest with Aspergers. But, I became overwhelmed and my dh just did not seem supportive. A few weeks ago I told him I don't care. I need to try something or I will feel useless.

Within the first few days our E (3) was talking almost clearly and trying to complete full sentences. Plus, he started using the potty. He just said poop in the potty and went in there and did it!

This morning my husband sneaks in and says he got donuts for the boys, but he doesn't want E to have any so he is hiding them in his shop.

Yikes...I have got to learn to make donuts now.

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