Sunday, February 25, 2007

Preparing for God's plans...

and not our own.

I've not been around for awhile. I've been busy finishing up school. I've got one more class I have to take to get my Associates. But, I'm going to take a few quarters off. Then I'll be taking only one class a quarter. I don't need a foreign language because I had French in High School. But, I've decided I should be better prepared. So, I plan on taking 3 quarters in Japanese. I want to take Ceramics at least once more. Then I need that darn Science class with lab.

But, God has been putting so much on our hearts lately. We have felt like we are battling unseen I guess we are right? At least that is what our Pastor talked about today when he taught on Job. We have found a new church, it's a good fit! We actually have two. One for Saturday night and one for Sunday morning. Our oldest prefers the church we go to on Saturday night, so we compromise. It's not like you can really fight with a kid who wants to go to church twice on the weekend.

We both feel ready to move on. But, we don't know where to go. We both feel overwhelmed with burdens, the house, the chores, and stuff. We are really sensitive people. We could never work 9-5 and survive. We would have a nervous breakdown.

God is getting us ready. He is calling us to him and asking for us to prepare. We have no idea what for. But, so far these are the plans he has been sharing:
He wants us to rely on him
to simplify our household
to let go of our connection to our possessions
to reconnect and build the relationship we have as a family

So, we have been
and finally tithing.

I've been working on really loving my husband.
Not just when he behaves or performs to my standards.
But, for all the things that make him who he is.

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