Monday, April 23, 2007

Introducing week number 5...

Now aren't you excited.

Seriously though...I need some pictures or something. Maybe I'll take my camera up with me soon. My camera phone just doesn't cut it. Although, I took something hilariously naughty at the store. I wonder if I can email it to flickr?

I have this little woman inside of me.
She pokes me.
She prods me.

She says
Your not a real Christian woman
She says
What kind of man plays with his sons all day long

I wish we could spend the rest of our time with them like this. I treasure my time at school. I love watching them connect so wonderfully with their father.

I hate that little, itty, bitty tiny woman inside of me.
Where did she come from?

I finally found FREE Shakespeare recordings at LibriVox, so I can memorize Sonnet 65 for my mid-term on Thursday. I am having an awful time with it and I hope this helps. It's now on my iPod and ready to be listened to over and over again for the next few days.


Lynn Green said...

Sometimes my inner child complains and criticizes me, but then I just give him some milk and cookies, he lays down and takes a nap.

The Wigleys said...

I *love* LibriBox! :D

And you're a real woman! ((hugs))

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