Sunday, June 10, 2007

Inspections and Plastic Popcorn

Well, our house has been inspected and now we are haggling.
It's strange to haggle in this day and age of America buy what you can for the best price.

It's hard to not be offended by their opinions. be embarassed by the stuff we never got to work on.
We had so many plans for this little house
and now we let them go.

Plasticseems so easy to run away from.
I've been pretty good about using my fabric bags.
But, still today I read that article and they poked at the microwave popcorn.
I didn't have a microwave for years,
but I bought my husband one for his birthday when we moved here.
After a while the popcorn seeped in.

Could microwave popcorn really be evil?

My sister and her husband bought a huge TV to play their video games on and watch horror flicks.
They got a free popcorn maker as part of the deal.
A REAL popcorn maker on wheels that you can roll around and charge money for.

We did Jiffy Pop for a snack today.
My kids have never seen Jiffy Pop.

I'm having a hard time finding a non-plastic option for popcorn.
I've read you can microwave popcorn in a brown paper lunch bag.

I'm thinking one of those hang cranked contraptions might work.

Really I think we should eliminate the kitchen and just eat fruits and veggies. My husband won't go for it though.


Jessica said...

These days it seems like there's danger in everything! I keep reminding myself that I'm just doing the best I can! ((hugs))

AFA popcorn goes, though, we (ok, DH) pops ours on the stove. It only took a few tries to get it right. Then we drizzle with true popcorn buttery-oil and olive oil and salt. The buttery oil isn't the best for you (which is why we mix it with the ELOO to reduce how much we do use), but the popcorn tastes so good with it....and it doesn't have any trans fats!

Congrats on the progress on the house!! :woohoo:

Analisa said...

Wow, that article is just so terrifying and depressing. I remembered to use my reusable grocery bag for the first time today. I have just been thinking about and noticing how much plastic is a part of our lives. Stupid stuff, like, what else would I buy my shampoo in, you know?

The line that really struck me was the one at the beginning about how almost all the plastic that's ever been made still exists. Ugh.

Jeannette said...

We had a hand-cranked thing before it got too bent up to use (not to self: don't let toddler play with it during off hours).

It made the BEST popcorn with the fewest old maids. we LOVED it!!!

(I think you can find them at Target)

TulipGrrl said...

"I'm having a hard time finding a non-plastic option for popcorn.
I've read you can microwave popcorn in a brown paper lunch bag."

Yup. My grandmother used to do this. I bet you could google instructions. Just don't re-microwave the bag a bunch of times. (Fire hazard.)

My mom used to make the best popcorn in a wok with a lid, shaking it the whole time. The key was using Orville Redenbacker oil.

Allison said...

Three words: electric air popper. My dad has been using one for years and loves it. Just put in the kernels, put your bowl under the spout and out comes popcorn. Quick, easy and it's healthier, too. Just add a little Mrs. Dash and you won't miss the salt & butter!

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