Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fairness, lazyness, homeschool updates...

I've tried here and there to be part of the weekly update crowd. I sometimes lurk on blogs where Moms show pictures of all their children have accomplished. A fun way to keep relatives up to date. A fun way to have proof for the school board perhaps. I don't know. It's enjoyable to take a peek and then at some point I feel....discouraged. Some weeks we could fill a post with pictures and laughs. But, often our days are filled with just living. Spurts of "real" education happen. We have worksheets that are filled in for Math. Journals where handwriting is practiced.

Many of us moms are in awe of these orderly families. Our blogs are often overlooked. Our children have too much free time and not enough proof to be interesting. While those other children are conquering Ancient History in exactly 180 days just in time for summer children are savoring Aesop's Fables. I worry about it sometimes. More often when I read those blogs. And, I feel a little lost. Because I'm often stuck in between two homeschooling worlds.

How can I be an unschooler whilst my children have curriculum (and they don't always delight in using it)? How can I be a classical homeschooler when my children are the ones who asked for it and I lack a schedule that keeps us plunging through in exactly 4 year cycles. Am I lazy? Is it fair that my children get to enjoy this leisurely education?

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