Monday, March 02, 2009

Monday 2 March, 2009

Everyone did some Math today. We are going to try 3 days a week with more work each day. My boys are like their parents. They don't like doing the same thing everyday.

We finished up Chapter 14 of SOTW 1. I was thinking of doing projects...but honestly where to find the time? Perhaps this weekend we can do something with chapter 15. I found the blog of a family who does the projects. So, I thought they could at least see some and see what they think. We are actually a pretty creative family, but they hate when things are disguised as school. I'm not sure how to separate that. We use to have a lot of fun with projects. I don't know what happened. I still think it's the transitions of this year.

They all did some reading. Prophet from the popcorn book and a National Geographic. While Peacemaker read aloud from Bighorn Sheep. He really needs more everyday practice to get reading more regularly. I need him to be able to read and comprehend by himself.

They all listened while I read aloud from Swiss Family Robinson. Every time I pick up the book they comment on how the movie is nothing like the book.

They all made breakfast and lunch by themselves. At least, I can be happy to know they will not starve when they grow up.

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