Friday, January 12, 2007

Dr. Jones Update

I don't know if I have posted on here much about Dr. Jones. He is the green iguana we rescued back in November. He had been living with his second owner for about 6 months in the back of a shed. He had a partner but he or she died. That is when they decided they couldn't keep him anymore. He had obviously stopped shedding, wasn't being fed properly and his lighting was just one simple red light.

Since, we have had him...
...he has started eating real fresh food instead of the horrible canned stuff and lettuce they had been feeding him
...he has started to shed like crazy...I mean it's an explosion of skin and sometimes it makes me gag
...he is MBD does not seem to be getting worse
...he is way more active
...he can run! Have you ever seen an Iguana run, it's so cute =)
...he is turning green again. HE IS TURNING GREEN!!!!! He was just about completely black when we got him.

Yesterday he finally shed the skin on his arm. It's horrible looking, but the skin had so many layers on it that it was squeezing his arm and he couldn't move it anymore. The skin that came off is like dark grey leather. That is what makes me gag. He bled a bit from it, but he has been iodined and patched up. He looks much better today and we are hoping he will be using it some more soon. It's really skinny because it hasn't been used much.

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