Thursday, September 11, 2008

Frogs, Apples, & Kittens Oh My!

This little frog has gigantic back legs already. The Peacemaker caught this guy among many others in the pond. These are the kinds of things they get to do now that they have more area to roam. It's a positive thing from our move.

We have, also, made apple ciders and pies from the trees. My Dad has the apple press that was used when he was a child. He has had some work done to it and new barrels made. But, isn't this great. It really does make the best cider ever. I'm trying to convince him to set it up at the farmer's market next year and press organic and/or local apples .

Plus, a litter of new baby kittens was recently born.
Here is a kitty from the previous litter.

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