Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mid-week Update

The boys let go some frogs this week. Those amazing creatures have done very well indoors. We haven't had any luck keeping frogs in the past. I think the smartest thing they did is to bring in a big ball of pond weed and all the scummy stuff that was attached to it. The tadpoles/frogs and snails ate it all up. They happily ate the fish food, as well.

We finished up the first two chapters of King Arthur by Howard Pyle. It's in the Ambleside Year 5 schedule, but I've been including all the boys. The younger two did wander off a bit during the second chapter today. It's a lot to take in. I did stop and ask questions or point things out. I have Prophet do mini-oral narrations every page or so. He doesn't realize it, but I'm sneaky like that.

They have done Math and Italics everyday. Prophet did some Grammar this week. Peacemaker has misplaced his Explode the Code book, but he has been doing reading practice. Warrior has done some readings from AO Year 1 with me. He is enjoying Pocahontas and the Aesop Fables. He has done amazingly well with oral narrations. I'm so happy to be starting this at a young age. I mean this is the kid who couldn't speak and still has a hard time pronouncing things.

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