Thursday, October 09, 2008

Today was fruitful...

Everyone did their Ambleside Readings today! We played with kittens. Went for a walk around the pond and saw a Bald Eagle. I think it's the same one I saw last week since it headed out in the same direction. We started Shakespeare. The older two are just going to read through the Lamb book according to the Year 2 schedule at this point. I think it's probably wise since my oldest hasn't really had exposure to Shakespeare.

Peacemaker worked on his reading skills. We took a walk together (just the two of us) and found a leafed tree with little pine cone looking things on it. I'll have to get my camera out there. I never noticed it before and it's a huge tree. I mean at some point in the past 18 years I would have noticed that tree.

Warrior and I had a picnic outside on a sleeping bag. He helped me prepare a psuedo-7 layer dip and some tortilla chips. I brought my second cup of coffee and a mini-bag of m&ms (I realize I never have written that before). We started reading some of the Ambleside year 1 readings together. I realize I need some more guidance to my day, so I bumped him up there. I figure he can always take more than a year (which we always seem to take with everything anyway) and perhaps he will be my first child to actually be at "grade level". We noticed some purple coneflowers in the front garden. We don't see them usually because they sit under the window. My parents have been really busy the past few years with transitions and my mom hasn't replanted anything. So, it's been survival of the fittest for the plants. It's interesting to see who is hardy.

I realized twice today that we need to set aside some nature sketching time & it would probably be a good idea to take the camera out for our daily walks.

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Lori said...

i still struggle with remembering to always bring sketchbooks and cameras when we take a walk - even when i leave them right by the front door! :^)

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