Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A sick day...

I woke up sick today. Indigestion and a migraine...not sure if one was caused by the other. But, I managed to get some stuff cleaned up in the living room. The Peacemaker spent a couple of hours outside with our Border Collie.

The Prophet worked on Math U See. Multiple digit multiplication is finally clicking. He does switch up some numbers in his final answer. But, I think some practice will help him work through that. Honestly, I still do that and I have to double check my work. He did some Ambleside Year 5 readings with me, as well. This Country of Ours, Abraham Lincoln's World, and Explore the Holy Land.

No one else really got any work done. I was just too sick and I had to get groceries and vacuum the house.

We didn't get out to Costco until around 3 or maybe it was 4. So, we had burritos and nachos for dinner. We will probably have burritos and nachos for the next 4 days.

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