Monday, October 06, 2008

Not such a good day (Monday)

My dh tells me it's the air pressure. Which is our common interjection when a day leaves us just wanting to crawl into bed. Those days when you should just let your children run wild, but you hang on to them hoping they will sit and be the little soldiers you pictured when you first started homeschooling.

I'm always inspired by Melissa. But, mostly because she is real and inspired and she just keeps it going. She records those things I wonder if I should record.

Today it rained. My poor husband worked anyway...outside in the rain and backlash of a Washington Island.

I got some coffee on an empty stomach. It wasn't even the first press, but the second press (french press) and pumpkin pie creamer didn't cut it. Don't drink coffee on an empty stomach.

Harvest Moon and the Wii was calling, but we pushed away the call. Mom is not quite to Fall and the Boys are already to Winter.

Math U See for both boys.
The Prophet had to call his Dad in the middle of the Math Lesson. He needs major encouragement in that area. I have no idea how to persuade him to keep up the Math work.
The Peacemaker did some Ambleside Readings, Italics Handwriting, and Explode the Code.
After Dad came home, Prophet did some more Ambleside readings with Mom. I'm still doing those with him because we never did narrations before and he still needs some help with them.

The Warrior helped me make 2 pumpkin pies.

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